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E-Mail notifications

Hey I just stumbled onto a FREE SERVICE that sends you e-mail notification from this (or any newsfeed). What it does is effectively lets you watch this blog, or any particular topic via e-mail. Once you set it up it starts sending you notifications when something new is posted. If this works like I think it does, this could be a major breakthrough on the subject of e-mail notifications. You'd no longer need to use a newsfeed reader to know when something new is posted because your e-mail will be reading it and keeping you notified... And it's free. I signed up for it and I'm trying it out now with this post:

Please note: I am available to set this up for you if you don't understand how to use newsfeeds. I will get involved and see that you are all set and getting e-mail notifications. Just post a comment below under this topic and I'll respond. You can also reach me via e-mail under the HELP menu above! This works well so don't think twice about setting this up!

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