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WinBPM (PC utility)

A pretty cool little utilitiy for finding the tempo (BPM) of any given audio. You open your audio in your player, and open this winBPM too, then you start the track playing. You click over into winbpm while it's playing, and then hit your spacebar in time with the track. When you let off and stop hitting the spacebar, it gives you a readout of the BPM of the track (roughly). You repeat this twice to make sure, and viola! you have the tempo of the track. Mind you it's not going to be exact, because humans are not perfect time keepers, but it'll be darned close. Most people round off their tempos to whole numbers, so once you know what the rough tempo is you' can probably round it up or down and be exact. That's been my experience, and this has been an extremely useful tool!

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