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Crowded House at Austin City Limits

First time in many years the band is together again. I always loved Crowded House! Love their harmonies and instrumentation. I've always considered them top notch artists! They are on Austin City limits tonight, and I have my DVR set to record them! One hell of an Aussie band! Very cool! They are on PBS tonight! Check them out!


stonehead said...

Yep talented guys and very strong songs........Bring back Split Enz I'm showing my age

Keeper said...

Neil Finn was having a hard time at the top of his range for this show... It was a good show, if not a bit raw. They did a version of the Dixie Chicks song "Silent House", which was ok, but paled in comparrison to the original.

Good drummer that replaced Paul Hester. I kind missed him in there but this guy has some good chops and did a great show. They let him shine a bit int his show.

Everybody has an off night now and again, and I could tell that Neil Fiinn was struggling with the high notes a bit. No doubt I would too if I tried to sing them. All in all a great show... It's kinda cool to see them be human and have a problem here and there. I hold these guys in righ respect for songwriting and performance...

I liked Split Enz too. Great stuff came out of both of those bands, and we know the common thread. :-)