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Googlegroups Editor System is back online now

Well as most of you active members have been well aware of, the F-Jam googlegroups project pages have been offline for updates. We were getting errors when we tried to update the status of a project. It's been that way for nearly two weeks. Well tonight I realized they came back and are now functional.

I guess this meanst that even the largest search engine in the world has it's problems. The thing is that I as administrator developed a similar system using the F-Jam facility. Similar, but actually better, in that in the new system, the project status is shown on the same page as the files, and discussions. This has an advantage over the googlegroup system, in that it's all on one page. No need to jump to a different page to update the status.

So I have an idea of how we can use the new system and keep the googlegroup in place in case the new system fails in the future. We could go back to the googlegroup for status pages in that event. We'll use it as a backup system. So I'm slowly setting all the projects up on the new system. The most active projects will get setup first.

I never got a single response from google on this. Just silence and then two weeks later after I found an alternative, they came back online...

Ah well, I guess that's what we can expect for free huh? Anyhow it's back. I had come up with a way to divert new members away from those projects altogether and send them to the new, and I was getting redy to put this work around in place when I realized it's back...

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