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The Stuff I Used

Hey Guys
Some of you will have noticed (I hope) that my track "BEAUTY" has been updated today and is now ready for Lyrics and Vocals (please as I have no ideas at the moment).
In the interest of sharing here is a list of equipment and settings used in producing the track.
Alesis DM5 pro drums ( Custom kit settings)
Jackson Electric Guitar
Wesley acoustic Guitar
Westone Concord Bass
(all guitars DI'd and amp sim)
Toshiba Laptop
Edirol UA101 interface
Cubase SX3
Chris Hein VST HORNS - Trumpets
Altered States VST - FX
Guitar Rig3 VST
- Gratifier-modern(HB Bridge)
- Twang-warm tremelo
- Signature-straydogs1
- Bass-moonphase
Amplitube VST - Funk Flange
Yamaha TG100 Tone Generator for bell/chime.
Embracer VST -3D Dune in verse
A1 VST - Ringmod Lead JH

Some lyric/vocal ideas would be much appreciated.


Keeper said...

That's quite a roster there Ian! Your productions have really developped have they not?

There really is an up side to doing all this yourself... Every track you do you leanr more and more about the production and writing..

Am I correct about this Ian?

I still have a lot pending in the admin area, or I'd be much more involved in the productions myself. I d bits here and there, but it's always nagging at me that I have yet another menu that needs to be fixed, or the talent lists updated...

It's an admin's plight the never ending update... LOL

But I do grab some studio time here and there.

If this ever gets to a point where it runs itself I'll be spending much more time in the studios.

One consolation for me...

Since comming to the google world, things have been much more stable. I haven't had to do much rescuing of systems. Mostly developing them what is stable (which is a large task into itself).

Ok now to get back on topic, quite a setup you used there Ian, and it's sounding very good!

stonehead said...

yep it is Fred, I do like my toys LOL.
I'm always up for learning new tricks particularly if I can hide my limited playing ability behind them.... a definite jack of all trades.
I really dont know how you have the patience to handle the admin it would send me crazy.Lets hope Google remains the answer.
Glad you like the sound... I'm pleased with it but I think I've reached the stage where I have to leave it alone unless vocals dictate a change.
Cheers Ian

ZzEeAaLl said...

Stonehead, I really like what you've got here. I'd like to try some lyrics and maybe vocal but I'm not experienced enought to know exactly where the lyrics should lay and is their a chorus. If you'd like me to give it a go could you give me some timing idea where lyrics go ect.

stonehead said...

Hey Buck
I have to say anything goes with this one as I really have no fixed ideas.My original thoughts were for the verse vocal to follow the same line as the lead guitar that plays on the intro's and the chorus vocal with a double time feel with the guitar.The two middle sections are a much looser feel.I can strip the track right back and re arrange if required and supply any mix you like so just have fun with it.