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My New Business

I have been a bit quiet lately as I have been busy developing a website for by new virtual tour business.Have a look and let me know what you think.
Cheers Ian


Keeper said...

Very impressive Ian! Big thumbs up! Best of luck in your new endeavour! Looks very professional!

stonehead said...

Ha Looks can mislead LOL.... but thanks

Keeper said...

So since you'd have to shoot the video it's dealing with venues that are local to you?

stonehead said...

Hi Fred
The panoramas are actualy single still images either taken with a doughnut mirror lens or stiched from multiple shots.
The business is for this region but if you taking some shots I will do the software side.

Bobbylee said...

SWEEEEEEEET!Great transitions and both the images and the lettering stay on just long enough to register,but short enough to really hold the attention. You have a winner there.

stonehead said...

Cheers Bobbylee

Europica said...

It's looking good, all the ebst in this venture.


stonehead said...

Thank you Pete