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I just got the news a couple of days ago that is no more. It was the main host for my music since 2004. Then it had 2000 members. Toward the end it had exceeded its membership to over 30,000. All good things come to and end I suppose, but I really feel gutted.

A big thanks to "FuN" who was the founder and administrator of a really cool community that I had the pleasure of being a part of. It's due to the feedback from members there that i feel I've gotten better to some degree in the procceses of composing and production.

They say as one door closes another one opens so there is only one way to look, and thats ahead, but I tell ya, it was a blast there.


stonehead said...

Just had a read on the site ...I bet "FuN" who ever that is was heart broken.....very rough.

Europica said...

Yeah, he'd worked really hard on the site to make it what it was. H'e was the founder and administrator. The site crashed and they tried to do an emergency reboot but that failed. All back up files were unretrievable too :-(

stonehead said...

Has to make you wonder if the site was attacked..... or the host

Europica said...

God knows how it happened. I really feel for everyone involved.