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dbPowerAmp (mp3 convertor)

This is a free windows program that converts mp3 to wav (and many other formats if you get the codecs for them from the codec page). It's a very handy setup, and integrates itself into windows, so that you can convert an mp3 just by right clicking on it. If you don't have a good mp3 convertor this one is highly recommended!



stonehead said...

Great stuff Fred....very useful thank you

Keeper said...

There is a codec page at the site Ian, and it has many useful codecs that will work with that convertor. SOme fo the codecs want money to use them, but others, do not.

It's very handy to say for instance, right click on an mp3 and convert it to wav instantly in the windows browser, instead of needing to open a software, load it, and then conver it. It automates that process.

The codecs are usefull only for commonly used formats, and I guess that amounts to wav, and mp3 mostly. So I am not sure how much the other codecs are used, but they are there to look at and try.

stonehead said...

Yep I've downloaded the windows media codec as a lot of my stuff is not's nice just to be able to do a quick change.