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How to put smilie graphics into a new topic

Here is a flash tutorial, on how to add the smilie graphics to a NEW TOPIC here in the discussion blog. A person needs to be a member of this blog to post a new topic, and LOGGED INTO THIS BLOG. If you have met all of those requirements, you can post a new topic using the smilies. They make it a lot more fun when posting here.

HINT: actually these messages support pretty much all html, including "iframe", and flash, so if you know anything about html you can do quite a bit in the topic starters.

HAVE YOUR SOUND ON LOW when you click this, and it's recommended to put your browser in FULLSCREEN MODE when this starts to get the full effect. You'll be able to hear me speak as well as watch my mouseclicks when watching this. It will make this perfectly clear how to use the smilies... ENJOY! You can use your BACK Button to come back here once you are done watching this.

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