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My Newish MSN Blog

Hi all

I've created a blog a while ago, and of course I just had to write about F-Jam with links to the F-Jam SC page.

Here's the linky if you fancey takin' a peek...



stonehead said...

Very cool I like the background graphics

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Keeper said...

yeah I like it Pete! I've subscribed to your rss too in my account too so I'll get e-mail notifications when youpost something new! These blog systems are very cool!

DirgeK's mum said...

Very intetesting to look at your site Pete and listen to all your music. How did you get into reggae and trance music ?

Europica said...

Stonehead, yeah it was great that MSN had that background templaye with me being a bass player and the matching bass cleffs.

Thanks for joining Fred, muchly appreciated!

Jill, I took up the bass cos of listening to reggae, especially dub. I loved the sound of those deep basses in that music. I got into Trance through my sister who took me to a Trance night in Milton Keynes. I just loved the sound of all those synths and the melodies.