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Here is a strange one for you. I went to see Rammstein in Nottingham two years ago and was blown away with their blend of German industrial rock.Fantastic guitar riffs that drag you in kicking screaming and laughing all the way.I dont speak any German at all and after reading a few translations it probably for the best...... but I still enjoy this band..... Oh I want to be a little miner LOL..... Twisted? Me? No!


Keeper said...

Definitely gotta be in a dark modd to get into them... I know they have quite a following on the dark side. We used to have a few darkies who frequented here, but they went off and formed their own collab site just for darkness, because some of the others would give them a hard time...

Everybody has their own likes and dislikes huh?

stonehead said...

LOL...surprising what you find hiding in the corners