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What can I say about Jon Crosby except that in my opinion he is one of the best composers I have ever heard. When I first experienced the self titled VAST album I was blown away with his use of eastern and monastical samples. When you listen on a good system there is so much activity in the high and very low freq ranges that you would completely miss normally it keeps you coming back for more.
I have put the video clip "Touched" below as a good example but I would recommend that you check out his track "pretty when you cry" on youtube. I didn't put it here as the official vid is rather disturbing but brilliant all the same.

If I am ever able to produce material like this guy I will be happy.


Keeper said...

I like it! The lead singer has a "Jim Morrison" quality to his voice.

DirgeK's mum said...

I like the eastern sound, thanks for introducing us to him