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Cashbox magazine

Do you remember casbox magazine. It was supposed to have been an american music mag. It has statrted again as an online site in collaboration with IAC so it lists the Indie Charts. DirgeK is there as she is still no 1 in R & B charts with Coming Home. She may become well known in America !

Cashbox Magazine

1 comment:

Keeper said...

Hi Jill-

That's great news that we still hold the #1 spot for the R&B out of how many you said? 30,000?

I'm still working on finding a vocalist for you that could maybe complete some more of Nic's songs. We just had a girl join that I am hopeful is a good prospect. She calls herself Angel. I'm in talks with her right now in hopes she can work on Bricks and Mortar. If it looks good, I'm sure you'll be speaking with her directly as well.

Nic deserved every bit of acknowledgement she has received... Thanks to you for keeping her dream alive and bringing her projects here to continue their production. It shows you loved her very much!