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Last Chance Texaco

Hey All
I have always loved this song by Ricki Lee Jones and I just found this vid on you tube.

It's a bit grainy but it's fantastic how RLJ and the band really make you feel as though you are looking out on a rain soaked highway late at night listening to the traffic pass.A wonderful use of sound.
The album version is better but this is a classic.


Keeper said...

Nice track Ian. I captured her onstage recently on the "Soundstage" show. She did a bunch of her newer tracks as well as aome of the older. Good band backing her up. You wouldn't even recognize her as the same person in that video clip. I guess it's my own mortality staring me in the face... LOL Good show though...

stonehead said...

Yep this goes back aways....LOL

I bet it was a good gig