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All Together Now (Finished Collaboration!)

Vocals - Anne Cozean (Sisters)
Bass - Mark Brabson (Author/owner)
Drums - Fred E. Jam (Keeper)
Guitars, arrangement, mix/master - TheLucksta

Produced at F-Jam Online Musical Studios


anne said...

hi lucksta and keep.

just back from the big city - ICK,
and crawled back to my nest to find this final. you both did a great job with my crumbs.

i'm ashamed of myself for not getting you those separate vocals.

BUT - the good thing is, now that the music is done, i'd LOVE to sing this from scratch. my first vocal had no lead in, no build up, just one take ad lib yodels.

what say ye, laddies? are ye sick of it by now?
have you thrown everything awaaaaaaaaay?

Keeper said...

No ti's not thrown away. I've moved it to another partition in preparation for backup to archives.

I can quite easily move the files back if you need. It might be simpler just to create another folder and have lucky send up a mix without vocals. I'll set that up again Anne. I left the project blog in place just in case we wanted to continue. Watch that blog for the folder to be put back in place...

anne said...

yes, i DO need in order to hold my head up again.


TheLucksta said...

Hi Anne and Keeper.
As I said in the project blog I was very happy with how the vocals turned out. The vocal structure, and intonation etc were excellent in my opinion. But it did make the mixing without seperates abit more challenging. In the end the result was quite pleasing. I think as a byproduct of layering the drums and bass again, it gave them a more reverbish type sound.