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Introducing member Katie W

Katie W


Level: Intermediate

Pop: Rock:

I won a 2005 local Fox network singing competition in Oregon. I write what I would describe as the skeleton of songs, but play no instruments. I'm looking for instrumental accompaniment to my vocals-- more importantly, I hope for a more seasoned musician to help improve my songs. I'd also love to write/sing vocals for someone's else's instrumentals.


Europica said...

Welome to F-Jam Katie!

Eddie Wilson said...

Don't be a "stranger" tune on your myspace page.

Keeper said...

Eddie, and Pete, and whomever is watching this topic. That tune of hers on myspace, I'm actually working on already, and once I get it t a certain point I'll put it up here as a project. I'm planning to work with her a lot more, and prepping her ideas to post here. I have a little bit of preliminary work to do with her, as she is green on the protocols etc. We've already been discussing this in general and she seems excited and agreeable to working here at F-Jam. I'm just getting her stuff post ready. So keep any eye open for them, so you can jump in if ya feel like it.

She has abeautiful voice as you've heard. She's just a little green on production. That's where we come in to help. huh?