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Welcome new member Bear


Guitar: Vocals:

Level: Intermediate

Alternative: Blues: Classical: Country: Funk: Hard Rock: HipHop: Pop: R&B: Rock:

I used to play guitar and sing in the 70's for several years, at 18 we were redy to cut a demo... but this girl came along and I married her and completely left music, sold my guitar and didn't sing or play musc again. I still have the same girl and now after having two brothers with cancer at a young age, I can see how limited our lease is on this life. After discovering CDG's I picked up a mic and fell in love all over again, only now it is even better then before. I can cover about 500 songs well as long as I have the lyrics in front of me and it keeps growing every day. I decited that it is time for me to start focusing on certain songs (so I remember the lyrics) writing some of my own and searching for some others works wherein I can develop somthing with them. I am a classic rocker and can cover anything from Barry White (and a little deeper) to Sticks & Bon Jovi. I also like music from other genera's including country R&B and Hip Hop. I like much of the newer music from 3 Doors Down and some others. I have a very good voice and range and can sound like the artist I cover ...verry good with Elton John, John Lennon, Beatles and so on. I have a website still under construction and will provide it later. I intend to do some shows out after I assemble a cd or two and have somthing to sell. I would like to try some others music for possible use on my cd and site, with the proper royalty agreements, of course. I am just getting back into the guitar and play mostly rhytham for now. I look forward providing vocal's for some of your music. Peace to all.

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Hi Bear

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