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New Streaming Features Added

We've added an exciting new feature to the system here. It's a streaming system that works with PC, and Mac, and it's automated (once it's setup). It might change as we develop it, but for now, take a look at the "Latest Mixes", area near the bottom of this page. It's just above the "File Manager". The first track listed there gives you a good idea how this works...

In a nutshell this allows us to browse the projects all from one listing, and lets us stream the "Latest Mix", imediately from that list. When you click the title a graphic shows on the left with bigger (easier to view), information about the project (while you listen). Just below the graphic is a link to open the project page. best of all this is automatic, and the owner of the project can easily update what track plays on there, and what the graphic says... Right from the File Manager. The "Features List" at the top of this new listing tells about this more indepth.

The streaming and downloadable "Latest Mix" will show on the status update area, and is also updated from the File Manager. It's actually quite simple. If you upload a file with the proper name, it'll show in these areas. Replace the file with that name in the file manager, and update the latest mixes for people to browse.

No more waiting to download to browse.

We have more planned with this new streaming technology. I've already had good success with having the entire folder of files stream. If you upload an mp3, it's streamable imediately. Just a few details to iron out.

This means it just got easier to browse and listen to the latest mixes... That is once I finish setting this all up. There are some features I'm still working on setting up. As I said this may change as we go. I've tested this with Anne (who is a Mac user), and it streams for her fine. So it's compatible with everyone!

Check out the listing down below on this page...


DirgeK's mum said...

I tested out you streaming system and it plays for a while and then stops for me and then starts again, must keep rebuffering. Does not work as well as your streamimg jukebox. Is it a different system ?

F-Jam Alert said...

Yes. Comes from the F-Jam server which is much busier than the dbloops server. If I perfect this (read entire folder) method, I could possibly stream "in process" tracks from the mirror server. The biggest problem I'm seeing with this is it used the mp3 ID tags to show the names of the files, and most of these auditions don't have the ID tags in place.

I'm working on this...

Something you gotta keep in mind too Jill, is that it will probably stream better for you when the file server her is not real busy. So it'll probably happen that sometimes it works well for you and other times it won't.

You always have the option to pause the playback and let the streaming finish and then click play, and it should be fine.

This is different than downloading to listen in that you don't actually download it onto your hard drive other than into your temp area (buffer).

Let me know if either of these is true for you Jill. It could meant you get to listen in more on the "in-process" tracks.

I'll try to keep you all advised of my work. I'm making good progress. This streaming jukebox allows download too (right click).

stonehead said...

I really like this idea Fred. It makes it very easy to flick through the current work all from one place without waiting for downloads.Nice work well done.

F-Jam Alert said...

stonehead said...
I really like this idea Fred. It makes it very easy to flick through the current work all from one place without waiting for downloads.Nice work well done.


Does this mean it has worked well for you Ian? You haven't had any of the problems with this that Jill speaks of? Has it improved for you Jill?

6 mbps should be plenty to stream songs to you when it's not all eaten up with other activity...

Keeper said...

Well I did it! I found a decent automatic playlist creator, that actually works. It's manual in that I have to run it manually, but it's automatic in that will read all files in the folders, and creat a playlist with their names. It took me about 3 seconds to make a list for all in_process folders. I've tested it and it works well!

It even lists the folder that it is playing from so you can check all files in the folder as streams.

I have an idea what I can do to make this easier in relation to the file manager, but here's the link to the complete in process list.

You can copy/paste this link into your browser.

Let's see if I can make it work as a link:

F-Jam Alert said...

I've added the "Entire Contents Stream" to the menu at the top of this page. It's under "Music Projects"

stonehead said...

Very cool stuff Fred well done and yes it works great A+