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Yes I'm Still Here

Hey Guys
Sorry I'm not very active at the moment it's just that I have managed to get my gigging band to put some tracks down so I'm pretty tied up at the moment.

I still check in though so if ya need anything just shout :-)


Keeper said...

Sounds like hard work and fun Ian... Glad to hear you got your bandmates onboard to do some recording... That can be a hard thing to do.

The last band I was with did record, but mostly rehearsals. Not sure if it was an attention span problem or what, but I could never get them to do any serious studio work. It was just a drinking and social thing with them. So I am a little envious that you got your band to work together in the studio... All the best to you all! Enjoy it and perhaps let us listen in afterwards...


stonehead said...

Hey Fred
Please dont think this is a well organized project LOL
None of them have ever recorded before and have absolutely no concept of whats involved so I will be drinking heavily during the process and hoping I can can keep my cool.
I am recording them for my benefit as I cant see the band lasting much longer and it's good to get a record of the work done for my old age........around Christmas LOL
I have decided to work through the set in blocks of four tracks at a time just incase I am left with an album of unfinished tracks.
Everyone is keen at the moment so fingers crossed.
I'll post the tracks once finished.

PN said...

Hey Ian,

Its been a couple of months... I just wanted to let you know that I'm back and still around. I had an accident with my computer, power bar was pulled from the wall while the computer was on, everything was fried. So now im back up and running. Its been a couple of months since I last recorded. Im happy to be back. Hope the recording is going well. I got your e-mail on hopeless, Im going to get back into that and try to put it to bed.

Talk to u soon.

stonehead said...

Hi Parry
Sorry to hear about the computer death...hope you didn't lose too much.
It would be good to get Hopeless under way again and work with you again