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Slade- How Does it Feel

A Brilliant track from a Fantastic band....I managed to see the at Nottingham Uni. It was a Christmas gig in 1984 ...I think......always damn good


Europica said...

well, that took me back, deffo a very cool song. There's so much more to Slade then their crimbo song that we hear each year. I remeber a mate of mine playing me an album of there's once, I forget which but I remember it being pretty rocky and heavy. I think I was about 12 when I saw Flame at the pictures.

Stonehead said...

LOL I know..... this is real old stuff but they had some real stonka's.I love everything about this just grows and develops into a monster...the structure is brilliant when you start to listen to everything that is thrown into the pot.....I cant stand the crimbo song anymore but it wouldn't be Christmas without it.